Experts’ Endorsement
IE 21 Interactive English aims at improving practical English skills for learners. What is unique about the system is how well it balances the acquisition of English knowledge and language skills. It is a well-developed English course featuring modernity, science and fun.

Mr. Hu Zhuanglin
Former Dean , Professor, and Doctor Supervisor of English department, Beijing University
President of National Universities Linguistics Study Institute
President of National Punctuation Study Institute
Former Vice President of English Education Study institute of China

The web advantages of IE21 Interactive English enable students to interact with the computer in their self-learning. What’s more, it combines the essence of traditional English teaching and that of E-learning. The learning materials have covered topics appealing to students in the information era.
Mr. He Qixin
Vice President, Professor and Doctor Supervisor of Beijing Foreign Language University
President of National Foreign Language Education Guiding Committee Team

IE 21 Interactive English system was designed with great novelty. It can be used both in and out of class. It undoubtedly answers for the latest trend in the development of English teaching materials and will improve the English teaching efficiency in China.
Mr. He Zhaoxiong
Former Chairman of English Department of Shanghai Foreign Languages University
Dean of National Test Band 4 & 8 For English Majors

IE21 Interactive English system covers a variety of themes, presents authentic English, provides extensive exercises and employs spiral development learning theory. It accords with the English Syllabus by the Advisory Committee on Foreign Language Teaching in Universities under the Ministry of Education of China. The advantages of FNE will be acknowledged by more and more people. It will certainly give an impetus to English teaching in China.
Mr. Zhu Yongsheng
Former Dean, Professor and Doctor Supervisor of
Foreign Languages Department, Fudan University
Committeeman of National Foreign Language Education Committee
Vice President of English Education Study institute of China.


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