IE21 Interactive English Corporate Program
  Do you want your staff to communicate with business customers more effectively?
Do you want to raise the English level of your Chinese employees?
IE21 Interactive English will provide your company with innovative, easy and interactive online English training and raise your staff’s ability in an international business environment!

Why IE21 Interactive English?
Save time normally spent traveling to and from training centers and get more time for the training itself!
Make your training schedule more individualized and leave more time for daily office work!
The same program can be personalized to meet the different training needs of different staff members.
You can monitor and follow-up on the training progress of all the staff.

IE21 Interactive English Course Features
Nationwide – IE21 can meet your company’s nationwide training needs.
Interactive and friendly – a highly friendly and interactive online training interface, focusing on practice and participation
Individualized - study plans vary according to individual needs and English abilities.
Unlimited use - Study 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at any time you want!
Real language environment -
Practical training materials close to daily life and work
Abundant contents - Over 3000 exercises and 760 hours of training materials

Value-added Service
Narrow Band Service:
We offer narrow band CDs to ensure consistent service quality to our students who do not have broadband internet access. A narrow band Internet connection is still necessary when using the CD.
Tutor Service:
We offer a tutor service to help the students achieve their training goals.[Cherry – you should write one sentence to describe the tutor service.]
Learning Management System:
We offer the learning management system for the HR managers to manage and track the learning progress of their staff and give real-time feedback according to specific needs.
Orientation Class:
We offer orientation classes to help our students study more effectively.
Training of the training manager:
We offer training for the training manager to help them learn to use our product and the learning management system, and to use the system to support the their staff.
Student Book: We offer student books for all levels of IE21 Interactive English to boost the training quality.
Online Learning Certificate:
Students receive an online learning certificates when they complete the courses.

Corporate Program Procedures

1. Analysis of training needs
2. English Placement Test
3. Report on Placement Test
4. Development of training plan
5. Hosting and Installation of the course, implementation of training system
6. Training of the training manager
7. Periodic training report
8. Evaluation of the training and feedback report

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