Course Structure and Levels
Course Structure
Learning website : There are presently 5 integrated learning modes:
It takes full advantage of multimedia technology and creates a real language environment for the learners. Its interactive features get learners highly involved in study.
Intensive Reading:
Video recordings of lessons with Chinese and foreign teachers explaining the written texts.The video lessons pay particular attention to the most difficult parts for Chinese learners.
Foreign teachers moderate the online video courses to give the learners opportunities to exercise their oral English.
A whole new interactive community, providing with users virtual environment for English life. The E community includes E-magazine, Coffee Bar, Service Center and Gym, etc.
Testing System:
Includes placement test and achievement tests. The testing systems offer students a reference point in beginning their study as well as timely and effective feedback during their study.
Student’s Book:
Complementary to the IE21 multimedia self-learning courseware, the student’s book provides theme-based topics, background information, grammar, and additional passages and practice exercises.
Teacher’s Book :
There are all together 11 teacher’s guide books, corresponding to the different levels of the student’s book. Teaching plans and teaching activities are included.

Course Level Description
The IE21 Interactive English course comprises 4 levels: Foundation, Improver, Advanced and Proficient. The Foundation Level is an independent level; the Improver, Advanced and Proficient levels each have 3 sub-levels. There are all together 10 levels, varying in their degree of difficulty.

Foundation: The learners can understand common topics and express their ideas in a concise way, communicate using simple and basic vocabulary, and write basic sentences.
Improver: The learners can engage in general communication, express thoughts and feelings. They also can read articles about familiar topics and write simple letters.
Advanced: The learners can talk rather fluently about more difficult and abstract topics, give relatively complicated speeches on familiar topics, comprehend introductions and articles in common English newspapers,write on abstract topics, and write comparatively complex letters.
Proficient: The learners can deliver fluent meeting speeches and get involved in complex discussions, quickly read and understand English edition newspapers, and write research papers and business reports fluently.

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