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  看看名人成名前都做过哪些工作? new
趣味双语:十大不可思议的职场故事 new
你知道拍卖的四种形式吗? new
世卫组织:甲流稍退 挑战尤存
美睡眠调查 西弗吉尼亚州最缺觉
Molex Interconnect Co. Ltd
"Molex has long recognized that it could enhance the English level of its employees through the intelligent use of innovative learning technology. IE21 Interactive English together with specific-skills oriented Business Writing Course has allowed our staff members to reach a higher level of linguistic proficiency. User-friendly, accurate, convenient and easy-accessible online course not only shortening the length of time it generally takes to organize a class, but providing the content that is most relevant to their needs."

Boehringer Ingelheim
“With IE21 blended learning solutions, we are able to increase the English language level of our employees which is very crucial in a fast-growing international environment. SBN offers us highly accurate and cost-efficient custom-built training system. Observing the successful training outcome we have recently decided to expand our cooperation with Shanghai Broadband and significantly increased the number of training accounts."

Moeller Electronic
"Providing a multinational company such as Moeller with traditional language training is simply not good enough. Our standards require state-of-the-art approach and workable learning solutions to their learning needs. Anything less powerful is inadequate. Shanghai Broadband Network’s IE21 Interactive English blended with offline tailor-made teaching course solves a complicated issue of delivering upscale language training solution to our employees. They can study according to their own individual pace at any time which means that the efficiency of learning is increasing. And in turn, SBN helps us track the studying progress of each individual by operating the Learning Management System with its monthly reports."

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