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Shanghai Jiaoda Withub Training Center
  Shanghai Jiaoda Withub Training Center is supported by Shanghai Jiaotong University and Xuhui Municipal government. It is established with resources from Jiaoda withub science Street, Shanghai Jiaoda Science Park and Withub high-tech Business Incubator. It aims at developing high-tech It, language learning and management comprehensive training center.
Withub Interactive English is introduced both by Shanghai Jiaoda Withub Training Center and Shanghai Broadband network Inc. Shanghai Broadband Network Inc. provides online teaching system IE21 Interactive English, while Shanghai Jiaoda Withub Training Center provides related offline teaching service and management. IE21 Interactive English is introduced from English standardized multimedia teaching system, and it has been localized and examined by many domestic teaching experts to be more suitable for Chinese students.

Regular Course: for office staff
Business/ Intensive Course: for students and people going abroad
Beginning Course: for beginners to learn about the basic vocabulary, grammar and phonetics.
Business Writing Course: for professional users

Foundation: can have basic daily talk, read with the help of dictionaries, do simple writing
Improver: can talk about common topics, express thoughts and feelings, read articles of familiar fields and write simple letters and write on familiar topics.
Advanced: can talk about comparatively complex or abstract topics, read common newspapers and write complicated letters and write on abstract topics.
Proficient: can speak fluently in meetings and symposiums, can read English newspapers quickly, can write papers and business reports.

Five-star Learning Method:
Free Placement Test
Individualized Study Schedule
Small Class, native speaker and interactive teaching
6 months online learning course
Computer learning management system

Please contact us at: 62830470, 62835486
Address: Zhong Ting, The first floor, Jiaoda Withub, No45, Guang Yuan Xi Lu


Shanghai Aurora College

  Aurora Education Group is located in the Lu Wan District of Shanghai. It was founded in the year 1984 during the reform and opening age. Aurora Education Group is a pioneer in operating private schools. It strengthens the advantages of both traditional and foreign modern education theories and management methods in originating and promoting private schools.
Aurora Education Group invited the country’s revolutionary precursor Mr. Xia Zhengnong to become the honorary board chairman; Professor Huang Dingye, supervisor of doctors and former vice president of Ting Ji University as its honorary president; and Professor Guo Bonong, vice president of Shanghai Educational Development Foundation, Vice Director of Shanghai Adult Education Committee, as the Director of School Affair Committee. Aurora Education Group invites many experienced and famous education experts and scholars working in both the teaching and administrative fields. The group also sets courses that are physically and mentally beneficial to students, which have formed a whole set of effective and completely advanced education methods to ensure the overall quality of students. Aurora Group has all the necessary facilities, including multifunction classrooms, computer lab, Audio-Visual classroom and sports gyms.
During the past 18 years, Aurora Group has had over two hundred thousand students in different fields.
There are five schools under Aurora Group: Aurora College, Shanghai Aurora College, Aurora Vocational School, Aurora Foreign Language High School and Aurora high School.

Tel: 63266661
Fax: 63850222

Easy English Training

  Easy English Training is a TrainingCenter that offers both English and Chinese language/ culture training. We offer courses for enterprises and individuals, as well as consultation services.
Our English program offers its students practical courses in which they learn/ improve their spoken English. The courses cover both conversational English for business as well as social purposes.
Our teachers are native English speakers from overseas countries and have a lot of experience. Our English teachers also possess the educational qualifications for teaching English.
Easy EnglishTrainingCenter also provides professional Chinese language and culture training (including Calligraphy, Tea-ceremony, Martial Arts, Beijing opera etc.). Our Chinese teachers majored in ‘Teaching Chinese as a Second Language’ and can speak English.

  Our team consists of dedicated enthusiastic professionals. EET takes pride in its professionalism, attitude and enthusiasm. We care about each individual and his or her learning needs. We make this possible, in particular because EET offers small classes with no more than 5 students and face-to-face communication with a teacher.
  We believe our services will benefit you in both your daily life and work.

School TEL Pudong Center: 58875185 58871560
Xujiahui Center: 54251992 54251995


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