IE21 Interactive English Franchising Project
Franchising Overview
Join Shanghai Broadband Network as an IE21 Interactive English franchiser and profit through high student enrollment.IE21 Interactive English headquarters seeks cooperation with domestic and international educational training institutions and individuals. This franchising strategy will help us contribute to China’s comprehensive life-long education system and to the rejuvenation of the country through science and education.

Powerful Brand Support
The strong brand recognition of IE21 Interactive English enables our franchisers to expand the market and enjoy a profitable business.
Scientific and Efficient Management System
The teaching mode of IE21 Interactive English enables the end-users to achieve great progress in study and the franchisers to achieve a strong return on their investment.
A Sure-to-succeed Teaching mode
The well-designed teaching mode of IE21 Interactive English, developed by language experts in the United Kingdom enables the end-users to achieve great progress in study.
Continuous Technical and Product Updates
As the legal owner of IE21 Interactive English Educational System, Shanghai Broadband Network Inc. can provide its partners with powerful and continuous technical support and updated educational products.

EIE21 Interactive English Franchising Service System

As our franchiser you’ll receive all the support and services from IE21 Interactive English headquarters that you need to rapidly and efficiently establish your own local IE21 Interactive English training centres or schools.
Franchising Consulting
Consulting on the industry: We provide information, trend developments, and related analysis for your reference.
Franchising system introduction: We introduce to you the management system, the teaching mode, the franchising system and related procedures.
Feasibility analysis: We provide the franchisers with a feasibility analysis on their operations, technology, service and finance.

Brand Support
A nationwide unified and standardized visual logo – IE21 Interactive English (for educational franchising).
Nationwide unified and standardized advertising and promotional strategy guide.
Migration of Teaching mode and Management mode
Migration of course system:We completely migrate the IE21 Interactive English course system.
Migration of teaching management system: We provide with the franchising centers with a scientific and effective teaching management system.
Guide to Marketing plans
We provide the franchisers with market research and media selection guides; advertising strategy guides, plans and implementation; we also make available proven advertising materials.
Market and Sales guide
We provide related job training and share our successful experiences in sales and management.
We provide guidance and training on use of the student management system.

Franchising Qualifications
Qualified franchisers should:
be legal and legitimate business entities
be familiar with the education market and interested in developing the education field
have abundant experience in management and successful history in investment
identify with the management concepts and ideas of IE21 Interactive English as well as teaching modes; be willing to accept guidance and supervision from IE21 headquarters
have good relations in their local market and be able to get cooperation from government authorities
have enough financial ability to make appropriate investments
Have the proper qualification for establishing schools, and obtaining Non-governmental School License and Foreign Teacher Recruitment Certificate and related documents.

IE21 Interactive English Franchising Application Procedures
Initial negotiations
Two-way evaluation and estimation
Sign letter of intent on franchising
Select location of schools and centers
Sign formal contract
Preparation for the business
Pre-business training
Opening of the business
Follow-up support and service

Explanation of IE21 franchising system and strategic cooperation
The Application Form of IE21 Franchising is a key document used by IE21 headquarters to evaluate and recognize the qualification of the franchiser, so please fill it out carefully.
In the case that the franchiser applicant is an ongoing business, please provide copies of the trading certificate and personal identity cards of the applicant in addition to the form.
In the case that the franchiser is a school, please provide copies of the school license, identity cards of legal person and the applicant in addition to the form.
In the case that the franchiser is an individual, please provide the copy of the personal identity card as well as the form.
IE21 headquarters will maintain stict confidentiality of applicant information.

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