Introduction to the Company
  Shanghai Broadband Network, Inc. is a Sino-American joint venture. It was registered and founded in ShanghaiPudongZhangjiangHigh-techPark in 2000. The main Chinese shareholders of SBN include ShanghaiInformatizationCommitteeTechnologyCenter and Shanghai Information Tower Co., Ltd. The business goal of SBN is to become the leading company for online educational software, courseware development, and offline training in China.

The main business objectives of SBN are the following:
·Carry out the business strategy in China of Asia Broadband Network, Inc.
·Introduce and localize a complete system of online study
·Develop, design and sell multimedia interactive learning software and courseware.
·Provide degree and non-degree online and offline programs in cooperation with leading universities.
·Acquire online study and online education project assets.

Company Products
·IE21 E-Ya Kids English
·IE21 General English 300
·IE21 Speaking Software
·IE21 EDU Platform

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