IE21 Interactive English

IE 21 Interactive English is an English educational product under the IE21 brand designed especially for teenagers and adults. A standardized multimedia English education system, IE21 Interactive English has been localized by many domestic experts on English education, and is therefore specially targeted toward Chinese students. Senior experts from Peking University, Shanghai International Studies University, Beijing Foreign Studies University and Fudan University have scrutinized the course system and have given it the highest marks.
IE21 Interactive English is a set of interactive English lessons ranging from foundation level to advanced level. It is precisely structured with practical contents, and it combines perfectly the acquisition of English language knowledge with the development of language abilities.
IE21 Interactive English combines traditional teaching methods and education with modern multimedia educational technology and the advantages of a networked education. It removes the shortcomings of traditional English study and creates a whole-new learning mode which gives learners freedom and convenience in their learning. The interactive English learning system provides individual users and corporate users with unique personalized learning space. Users can choose either the pure online course or the blended course which combines online and offline modes.

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